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Some important notes to consider and know about regarding the passing of the medical fitness checkup in UAE

The medical fitness tests are mandatory for each individual who reside in the United Arab Emirates. But do not worry about the procedures. They are very easy and straight forward.

If you are going to get, you need to know the following information. One of the necessary steps for you will be to go through the medical fitness in the government medical fitness center. After getting an Entry Visa, or pre-residency visa, all applicants with any nationality. Those who require renewed existing visa for employment, education or residency.

I advise you to get through to the list of all required medical tests. They are Blood test, Chest X-ray, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, HIV / Aids, Syphilis, Pregnancy tests, Leprosy. But not all of the above tests are required for all categories of workers. If you feel that you are suffering from one of the communicable disease, it is better to review it. Otherwise you will be deported from the UAE.

For example, applicants will have to undergo tests for Hepatitis B and Syphilis in case there are going to work as caretakers, nurses, housemaids, health club workers, beauticians and also food handlers. In case of positive result, the treatment will be given for Syphilis and the person will not be deported. However, for positive TB, you will be treated as well but then deported. Also they will get a series of HBV vaccinations during some period of time after medical. You can re-apply for residence visa one more time even if previous your tests showed positive result for Hepatitis.

It will be of interest to know that female applicants who are going to work as babysitters, female drivers or domestic helpers must pass a pregnancy tests. It is advisable to inform your future employer in advance and to get from positive effect! Another proven fact is that in the case of pregnancy, a woman will not fall under x-ray, only blood tests will be taken.

Referring to the time you need to spend on a medical test. If you value your time, we are ready to help you to save it! As we are just not dealing with Dubai Residency Visas, but also other Emirates, we know the perfect place where you can go through for a medical. No need to waste time to make a trip to other Emirate! Al Baraha Hospital can be used in all emirates for visa purposes and valid for Marriage and GCC Government jobs.

You can return to collect your results by yourself. Also report will be sent to the Immigration Department electronically by Clinic and as SMS to you, so if the message is "Medically Fit" you can proceed to Immigration with typed application for Visa Stamping.

You are lucky if you have kids under 18 years old! By the Law they are not required to go through Medical Fitness tests. Also, older people above 75 years and not required Medical Fitness Certificate for their residence visa renewal.

Also want to remind you that as far as you apply for residence Visa in UAE which is an Islamic country, Covered arms and covered knees, for ladies only! There is usually a ladies' area in the government hospital, so you will be separated from the men. This makes the wait a little shorter and easier.

Presence of alcohol and certain medicines in the UAE is a very hot topic, and for sure I would recommend you do not drink for a couple of days in advance of medical checkups and do not take some pills. Just in case, not to push your luck away! Of course you will not be deported because of this.

Note below tips and useful links for chosen Medical Fitness Centers:

  1. Al Safa Community Health Center - Jumeirah 2, behind Cooperative Society, +971 4 502 14 00, Executive Employees only, VIP package (if you will come before 11 am, same day you can get your results), no fingerprint facilities for emirates ID Available.
  2.  Al Baraha Hospital - Al Khaleej Road, Al Baraha, Deira, Dubai, near Etisalat Business Center, +971 4 271 00 00, the only one medical center where you can go through a medical checkup in a case Emirate.
  3. Al Muhaisnah Medical Center - Al Muhaisnah 2, near Sanapur Graveyard, +971 4 502 39 39, Emirates ID counters for ladies are available there from 7 am till 7 pm. Open Friday and Saturday only for visa renewing.

Article written by, Anna Soloviova

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