Local Sponsor

If you are deciding to either setup your business or expand a current one from abroad then UAE is the most ideal place in the Middle East. One of the most suitable options for you is establishing a Mainland Company in the Department of Economic Development (DED) and you will need to find a reliable Local Sponsor.

As per the UAE Civil law the foreign investor from any country in the world except GCC countries have to nominate a local service agent or partner with 51% of company shares, usually called as Local Sponsor.

The relations with your 'local' sponsor will be regulated by the Memorandum of Association attested in the UAE court. According to this document, the local company has a 51% or more and 20% of Company profit. Our Local Sponsor will not interfere in the business process. There will be only one year of sponsorship. Also our Local Sponsor is able to sign an agreement with you and to provide you with the power of Attorney to maximize your independence and flexibility, to act on their behalf and make decisions in any governmental circumstances.

Our mission is to provide you with reliable and trusted local sponsors.

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