If you are looking to register a company in the UAE to protect your physical assets, funds and corporate interests, provide international trading and invoicing to clients. As far as UAE is concerned, you will not be restricted in business activity worldwide.

Key Benefits to setup Offshore company in UAE:

  • Protection of corporate assets
  • Tax free area
  • 100% ownership for foreign investor
  • No restriction on citizenship for individual shareholder
  • Privacy
  • Fast and low cost setup
  • UAE bank account

There are 3 Authorities in UAE where you can register offshore company.


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Why choose UAE among other Offshore jurisdiction?

  • UAE have signed Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with several countries
  • UAE is both Economically and Politically a stable country
  • Worldwide reputed tax-free haven known as one of the last-available safe locations

Why choose Pristine Ventures as Offshore Agent?

  • We will assist you with the company in the shortest terms
  • We will create a long term relationship based on personalization, privacy and confidentiality
  • We will provide you with assistance in banking, accounting, secretarial services, visas