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Good Conduct Certificates in UAE

If you're about to move to the UAE for work, the Dubai police Good Conduct Certificate is quite necessary. This document is a sign of a security check on foreign workers, and it's issued by the home country of him or her. Also it might be the country where him or her has been living for the last 5 and more years. This is the case only for new work visas and must be done before the issuance of it. So how to get this document and start to work in the UAE? Read more and find out the easiest way to get the Certificate of Good Conduct by using Dubai Police website and smartphone application!

All you need to know about the Certificates of Good Conduction

To get the Good Conduct Certificate in the UAE (CGC) means to prove that you don't have any criminal records. It's very important for making a society safer, and this is the UAE government's main aim. So you have to get the Dubai Good Conduct Certificate if you:

  • haven't already had a work in Dubai, but want to get it;
  • get a job in the UAE for the first time, the CGC is not necessary if you just want to switch jobs within the country;
  • are going to have a work visa, not tourist, medical or mission, visit or student one.

How to apply for your own Good Conduct Certificate

The format of the CGC you can see on the sample just below. It's quite simple.

In anticipation of your questions, if a person's been working and living in multiple countries during the past five years, this Certificate must be taken from each country. To get the Dubai police Certificate of Good Conduct your active email address and valid emirates ID are needed. And the next step is:

  • to use Dubai Police smartphone application to get your own Dubai Good Conduct Certificate;
  • or to use website of Dubai Police to get the one online;
  • or to go directly to the Dubai Police office (Sunday to Thursday, from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm);
  • or by sending an email or fax to Dubai Police (mail@dubaipolice.gov.ae and the fax number is +971-4-269-2222)

If you still have some questions or troubles with the UAE Good Conduct Certificate, you can just contact Dubai Police call center (at 901), it works 24/7.

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