Business Types

Can I open small retail shop /laundry/construction/maintenance company with Free Zone License?

No, any business activity which needs to be operated out of Free Zone in local market are not welcomed by the Free Zones.

What does Offshore Company mean?

Offshore company means managing, registering, conducting or operating in a foreign country.

What is the difference between Mainland company and Free Zone company?

Mainland company can freely do business in the local market and allowed for all commercial or professional licenses. However Free Zone license allows to conduct business within same Free Zone or outside UAE. If you are targeting Local Market you will need to use Local Agents or Distributors with Free Zone License.

Company accounts and Auditors

Do I need to prove my share capital?

It depends on the authority you are dealing with as some will not require you to provide this information, however others will require corporate bank statement showing share capital amount in corresponding account. This money can be withdrawn or used for company purposes whenever the statement has been submitted to the authority.

Can I open a bank account for my new business?

Yes, you can contact us and we will provide you with many different option of banks available and help you find the best one for your business.


What is included into your service?

We are providing to our client’s complete support for company establishing from A to Z. Setup package includes: Trade name approval and reservation, license issuance, delivery of original documents, establishment card application, obtaining of Owner’s visa, depositing of Entry Permit to airport, support with medical check-up and Emirates ID.

Can I establish a company if I am currently working in UAE?

Yes you can, you are eligible to establish a company and you will require a NOC from your current sponsor.

Do I need to visit UAE to register a company?

This will depend on which authority you are going to register your company with, however any entry stamp in to the UAE is mandatory proof which will need to be provided.

Are there any restrictions on Owner nationality?

Yes, there are several nationalities which are in a high risk list according to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Please contact us to find out more details about this matter, as this is information is always changing.

What is Establishment Card?

An establishment card is a card which provides sufficient evidence that is considered as the identity of your company. 


What is a flexi-desk? Can I get a visa without renting a flexi-desk?

A flexi-disk is a minimum obligatory facility with only limited access, which is mandatory to get a visa quota. If your company is registered without any facility, you will not be eligible for any visa.

Can I rent an office in Dubai with License issued in Ajman/UAQ/RAK?

This is not possible as any company which is registered outside Dubai will not be permitted to have an office in Dubai. Offices in Dubai can only be available with a license that has a Dubai address.

Can an Offshore Company have an office in UAE?

No they will not be able to have access to do this, as an offshore company is a non-resident company in the UAE. Offshore company will only be able to have a registering address, which will be the same address for their registered agent.

License Renewal

What if I will not renew my company and I wish to keep my visa?

No, as all visas should be cancelled and cleared in case of company liquidation according to the UAE law. If company wasn’t liquidated or renewed, then the owner(s) can be banned from any future entries to the UAE by immigration authorities.

Is it mandatory to renew the license each year?

Yes, according to the UAE law each license has to be renewed every year. This is because licenses are valid only for one year.


What is the difference Between Basic Commercial license and General Trading?

General Trading License allows multiple trading activities which includes various categories of goods. Basic Commercial License allows only specifically chosen activities, usually it is 6-10 categories of goods only.

Can Commercial and Professional activities be kept under one license?

No, this is because the licenses can either be commercial or professional as they both have complete different purposes.

What is the difference between Commercial and Professional licenses?

A commercial license allows the firm to carry out activities, these will include trading, shipping of goods, construction etc. in the UAE. A professional license permits qualified professional individuals to implement their expertise to be performed in the area of UAE.


Do I need to obtain a visa under my Business License?

This is not mandatory, however it is important to be aware that the presence of the visa will benefit you.

Can I live in Dubai if my visa issued by Ajman/UAQ/RAK Immigration Authority?

Yes, you can. However please note that if you have any queries with government authorities then you will need to visit the corresponding Emirate the visa was issued with.

How many visas/work permits quotas can I have with Free Zone License?

Your visa quota quantity will depend on the facility rented out with your license. For the flexi-desk, smart desk or virtual office you will usually be permitted to around 2-3 visas. With a physical office space, you are permitted one visa per 7-10 sqm.