About Us

Pristine Ventures
Corporate Services Provider

With our outstanding local knowledge and prominent networks with senior businesses and governmental decision makers, we are the bridge that connects international companies to the UAE’s community.

We create a path for our clients to embark on their steps towards building a professional presence in this country of opportunities. As we understand the local culture, activities, business regulations and practices this enables us to navigate through UAE’s distinctive business setup in Dubai processes.

It is our sole priority to help investors through every step of the process including local sponsorship, business establishment, legal services, business development, marketing assistance, mainland companies against free zone consultation and UAE business consultation. Developing operations, driving innovation, building partnerships and improving customer relations are all the key factors of our success.

For International Companies wishing to create a business in UAE, our promise is clear, we will remove that complexity, minimise the time and eliminate the stress.

Our Vision

To provide high quality services and solutions to our customers in one unified platform, this help us assist and serve international investors and corporations to gain better knowledge and understanding of the investment requirements in the UAE. In order to provide value in establishing a business in the UAE it is important that appropriate research is carried out efficiently before making the final decision.

Our Mission

To keep on growing on our current position and raise the level of client investments and become one of the most trusted and recognised organisations in the UAE.

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide great level of knowledge and information about the UAE market to our clients, which gives them the guidance towards the right direction for their business they need in order to make their decisions. 
  • It’s our promise to our clients that we give a guarantee with time frames and responding as quickly as possible to client’s enquiries. This makes us easily accessible and understandable on our stated response time.
  • One of our main keys is to ensure communication is always two ways between the business and its client, so therefore what we promise to our customer is always delivered with high quality and satisfaction. If in any case there are any reasons that services are not going to be delivered as firstly expected, then we make sure our clients are fully aware of this and understand why.
  • As an understanding and dedicated firm we always prioritise the need to be reasonable with our pricing, in order to ensure that clients get the best service and solution for the value of their money.

Our Services


Formation and Consultancy Services

Consulting and Support Services

How We Help

We offer a portfolio of confidential support services to companies interested in growing or establishing their business in UAE.

Our Team

Waseem Ibrahim
General Manager

A capable, results orientated general manager providing leadership and management to the business and fully responsible for the day-to- day running of various departments.

+971 55 443 7861

Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way to help you set up, grow and develop your business.